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Our mission at AllergenScript.com is to improve the quality of patients’ lives by empowering non-allergist physicians, such as primary care doctors and pediatricians with the education, knowledge and tools necessary to provide safe, innovative and effective allergy testing and treatment solutions directly to their patients.

Our goal is to help patients feel better while increasing practice revenue for the non-allergist physician.

Why is it important for non-allergist physicians to diagnose and treat patient allergies?

In a recent article published by Medscape, allergy testing and treatment was ranked the number one ancillary service for primary care physicians.

Allergic disease is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s biggest health problems. According to the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), allergies are continuing to increase at alarming levels. Allergic disease, including asthma, is the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S. It is the third most common chronic disease in children under 18 years old (ACAAI, 2015).

Common triggers of allergic disease include environmental allergens such as grasses, weeds, trees, mold, dust, insects and animal dander. In 2012, 17.6 million adults and 6.6 million children had hay fever. In 2010, allergic rhinitis was diagnosed during 11.1 million doctor visits (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 2016).

Medications and related healthcare expenditures account for more than $14 billion annually. Additionally, the indirect costs associated with lost wages, decreased work productivity, and increased social support account for more than $5 billion per year, all due to asthma and allergic rhinitis treatment (Pawankar, 2014).

The point of first contact for most allergy patients is their primary care doctor or pediatrician.

There are approximately 60 million Americans affected by allergic disorders, yet there are fewer than 3,000 practicing allergists in the United States.

“It is more important now, than ever before, that primary care physicians begin more detailed diagnosis and treatment of their allergy patients in their own medical practices.”  (Fred Pullen MD, 2016).

Why AllergenScript?

For the past four years, we’ve been helping busy doctors, just like you, increase their practice revenue while helping diagnose and treat both seasonal and perennial allergies.

We’ve developed a safe, proprietary, in-office allergy testing and treatment system that delivers substantial reimbursements and generates new, recurring practice revenue.

Our system is tested and proven. Insurance carriers and Medicare are reimbursing our satisfied physician clients every day.

The AllergenScript diagnostic and Allergen Immunotherapy system was designed specifically for the busy non-allergist, in a primary care setting. To keep up with the demand of the increasing need for allergy testing and treatment by non-allergists, we removed the complexity and methodical flaws in typical allergy testing to provide a simple, broad spectrum, allergy diagnostic and immunotherapy solution. Our solution is one that provides relief and treatment for patients whose symptoms are not life-threatening but problematic.

What makes us different?

We value evidence-based allergen immunotherapy and constant innovation. This process has created six published patents. The AllergenScript system was designed to improve the quality of life for your patients while providing a substantial new revenue stream to your medical practice.

Are you getting reimbursed for more than one office visit for treating allergies?

Allergy testing and treatment is an expanding and medically-necessarily service that offers simple, recurring, and reimbursable revenue for primary care physicians and other non-allergist medical professionals.

The AllergenScript system is a patented, highly-esteemed, user-friendly allergy testing and treatment program designed with the non-allergy health professional in mind. It allows medical practitioners the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat patient allergies in their own offices, without the need for third-party referrals.

The test is easy to administer and results are available within 15-20 minutes. The physician can immediately decide whether the patient should receive in-house treatment or be referred to a board-certified allergy and immunology specialist. If the patient can be treated in-office, the AllergenScript system provides simple, ongoing allergy treatment options (allergen immunotherapy) that can be administered by you and your staff.

The AllergenScript system comes with complete training, including training for billing and reimbursements. Here is a sample list of established CPT codes that reimburse for allergy testing and treatment.

What does it include?

Our comprehensive system includes:

  • Onsite personalized training for you and your staff
  • All the equipment necessary to perform a safe and accurate allergy skin test
  • Free registration to our easy online training platform
  • Free continuing medical education for you and your staff
  • Immunotherapy education for your patients
  • Promotional posters, brochures, questionnaires and screening tools
  • Support for your web manager to create engaging online patient advertisement
  • Support for your billing and administrative personnel
  • Feedback and communication as it relates to testing, treatment, compliance and billing
  • Immunotherapy solutions that are safely administered by your staff or self-administered by the patient at home
  • Access to evidence-based treatment guidelines and the latest scientific research

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