Improve Outcomes

Your allergy patients are suffering. You're interested in helping them better manage their allergies and asthma through prevention, avoidance and environmental control.

Enhance Revenue

Your non-clinical workload continues to increase. You need to generate new sources of reimbursable income while providing real and effective clinical benefits for your allergic patients.

Patient Benefits

Your patients are miserable and sick of having to rely on symptom-relieving allergy medications. You need a safe, effective option to treat the root cause of their allergies. 

Allergen Immunotherapy

You’re looking for reimbursable, evidence-based and effective treatment that addresses  the primary irritants and triggers of your patients' allergies and asthma. We have the options you need. 

Training & Support

Discover how easy it is for your staff to implement effective allergy testing and treatment options in your practice. We provide comprehensive training tools and ongoing administrative support.